Reply To: The sex offender registry: an invitation for vigilantism


What’s nice about my employer is they did a background check on me so the owners know because they’re the ones who did the background checks, of course they drug me to the office and made sure I wasn’t going to hurt anyone and wanted to know more about my crime which I was very open about, now some other people have caught wind of it most likely from some vigilante phone calls I’m sure, I know they didn’t tell the rest of the employees about me, all I know is that a person who used to speak to me seems like they’re very afraid of me now, I don’t even know how to address the problem or if I should even attempt to address it, I know a couple people I work with have friends or family in law enforcemend, the one person has been particularly nasty with me, not the one who is afraid of me but a different one, but this could all be in my head to, I sometimes over analyze things. I just have to watch my surroundings to make sure I am safe, I don’t want to have to defend myself but I will if I have to.