Reply To: The sex offender registry: an invitation for vigilantism



It appears that this vigilantism thing is not going to stop, I’m sure some of you all have heen hit hard by it in one way or another. When I see my PO or he comes to the house for monthly visits we have words sometimes. Its as if he wants to be right all the time. Such as we have all your recording on record. Sure all of us can be right or wrong, but facts are fact.
Now nobody likes to be duped in these little internet sting scenario’s and I’m sure none of intended for all this to go that far. Playing some harlot game is a bit downing others with this money pit ordeal, but listen the bible does say try the spirits, so is this a constitutional right or a God given right. Sure all of us are upset about all this sex offender ordeal but we all do have a right to redress of greviance don’t we.