Reply To: The sex offender registry: an invitation for vigilantism


Yep. Sick of the bullshit. My career went to shit because of this. Now, instead if being a diesel mechanic, I drive a Sprinter. I’m from Texas. I live there. But I’m typing this in Ohio. Just finished a delivery. Another. 5000 miles in 10 work days. Not bad. I should be turning wrenches, but I’m a victim of hate. I did my time. Been out 4 years and haven’t lived a normal life since. I’ll give one Marine Patrol officer creds. He’s in Mississippi. He pulled me over last week. He was very nice and didn’t automatically write me a ticket. First time in my life I ever got a verbal warning. Thanks Officer. Thanks, whoever you are for understanding I did my time. I did my time. Yeah. Each of you registrants did yours too. So the shit you people out there give me is unacceptable. Uncalled for and un-American. Find you some business. Leave me the fuck alone. I’m sick of it.