Reply To: Tenth Circuit COA upholds Oklahoma driver’s license requirement

Dazed and Confused

In Oklahoma, a T3 RSO must get the red badge on their DL. Can it be explained in a RATIONAL sense how this is NOT double (or triple) jeopardy?
If a person has a conviction date BEFORE these silly laws were enacted, why does Oklahoma refuse to obey its own statutes? regarding retroactivity?
if the government (of Oklahoma) can disregard its own laws at will, or change them to fit whatever mood their in at any given time, how is that any different than the mobsters of the 20’s-50’s? ie: racketeering?
If Oklahoma is exploiting the RSO’s for financial gain (which it CLEARLY is – as well as other states) under the guise of public safety which CLEARLY is a fallacy. Why is the federal COA on the side of racketeering? Historically, the mobs would grease the palms of “officials” to look the other way or go easy on them. this is the apparent outcome here. has the Oklahoma judicial system BRIBED the federal coa? and if so, why is OK not criminally punished accordingly?