Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling



I do not understand why Snider and his cronies did not have things prepared just after they lost in the 6th Circuit, and “just in case” they lost at the U.S. Supreme Court. Any responsible business, any intelligent individual, and surely any Government would have been prepared INSTEAD of what Michigan did-which was NOTHING. To make citizens “wait” is irresponsible and negligent and unconstitutional by case law definition. It was not an intelligent choice to do nothing at all. There IS legal recourse in the Federal Courts to obtain an immediate Court date and expedited ruling to force Michigan to immediately comply with Does-v-Snider, JUST WHY is this not being done?

Every responsible Michigan department and employee involved in this ILLEGAL & UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACT is refusing to speak with me on this or to answer this simple question.