Reply To: 2018 NARSOL board retreat paves path for future growth, success


Yes, we all like new beginnings and second chances and any organization has to refresh and plan for what’s ahead and with this sex offender ordeal one never knows what’s behind the next crisis in others lives. Sure this sex offender ordeal is a thorn to a lot of people that just want to get there lives back together in a better way without a lot of these pressures that appear to compound their life’s. A lot of us all make mistakes.
Standing one’s ground is very important in every facet of life whether it be any type of endeavor. In the weeks to come I am looking for more positive things to come out of NARSOL and their other sister groups to help those that are dealing with this. While going to trail can be somewhat oppressive its the truth that really matters in a lot of these ordeals.
While Brenda is very good at directing this organization their are others that give very good advice. Its also up to the individual to support and I just sent in a little check of what I can budget. I’m sure this sex offender ordeal will be somewhat relieved more as NARSOL has been making good leeway to get all the troops into action.
One should lways stand up for Truth and justice.