Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


terry brunson

There is a thing in law called equal protection of rights. As a person move from state to state protection of rights are presumed correct until a determination is made to state other wise. If one gets married in Ohio and move to Pa. are they still married in Pa?

The answer is YES –

If Muniz protects a person to be taken off the Pa. SO’s registry and that person moves to Texas – and Texas makes determination that that person has a offense that they must registered. Texas will give that person a fair chance to register in Texas – or – give that person opportunity to move back to the jurisdiction that took them off their state registry. Each state has its own way of dealing with RSO’s. . . . . . If you choose to move to that state – you must educate your self on the state rules.

If Muniz clears you in Pa. and you move to Ohio – Pre -SORNA people will not have to register because SORNA has gone through the process of being unconstitutional to be applied to Pre-SORNA people.

If you move to Texas – you have to follow Texas rules. Texas is not under SORNA – Texas has Texas Rules on sex offenses under their Criminal Code of Procedures chapter 62. That is not SORNA. Texas never accepted SORNA they don’t want AWA money. California is another state that tired of the Sex offender bull shit of state law makers adding more punishment stuff on sex offenders every tear a new requirement. It is out of control.