Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


I see requests for this type of information all the time. It is really hard to give an answer, as every state has their own registry laws and what is considered harsher or more lax really depends on the individual.

Let’s assume you do find a state with registry laws that you feel are lax, and you move there. You should keep in mind that it takes just one high profile kidnapping or murder, and all the lawmakers of that state will be scrambling to enact harsher registry laws and you might be stuck having to live with them.

My standard reply is: Just stay where you are, and continue fighting for change. For those of you who live in Pennsylvania, your state is making progress in this area. My recommendation is to stay there and build on that progress, rather than go to a different state where they haven’t enacted very harsh registry laws yet, but could at any time.

This is just my personal opinion.