Reply To: The sex offender registry: an invitation for vigilantism


There are lots of left leaning liberals and feminists in this organization fighting for your rights, and there are plenty of right leaning people here as well. To my knowledge none of them behave or even believe in the violence you described. Antifa doesn’t represent the Democratic party any more than the racist white nationalists represent the Republican party.

I think Jonny’s question about laws in red states being harsher is an interesting topic for discussion. I don’t know if it’s true, but I am curious, so if we can get some respectful discussion going on that, I would like to read it. Maestro, you seem to believe strongly in the right’s agenda, so let’s hear your side of that. Do you think blue state’s sexual offense laws tend to be harsher than red states?

I do not want to see this left vs right bashing using stereotypes continue. I will not approve any more comments from anyone who is trying to provoke an argument on those grounds. As soon as I get the impression that is the direction the comment is going, I will delete it without reading any further, and the person who typed it will just have figuratively wasted their breathe and time. But you are all welcome to have a discussion with a respectful tone on how and why you think either side better serves those on the registry.