Reply To: The sex offender registry: an invitation for vigilantism



Joe L
Yes it does appear that these people are mostly unhappy and have nothing better to do, the one guy who beets his wife doesn’t work, his wife has to go out and work and pay all the bills, he probably doesn’t work because he has a background due to beating his wife, and he has gone to numerous neighbors to tell them about me, the other guy down the street that was informed about me stood at the end of the street I live on and leered at me, I was doing yard work, every time I looked up I saw him staring, he never took his eyes off of me, so I stopped what I was doing and I stared back and he went into his house, I wasn’t doing it to be intimidating or start trouble, I was doing it to let him know I’m not going to be harassed or bullied, needless to say he waves at me whenever I drive by now and I wave back. The other guy I guess he feels superior or something because he beets his wife, one would think he would be sitting in a jail cell because he is a consistent re offender, the police are there a couple times a month and don’t charge him even though we all know that the police can choose to charge him on their own with her not even having to press charges, now if that were you or I we would be siting in jail without reasonable bail or bail at that, they would use their power to press charges on an SO. hopefully this shts will be over soon.