Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Some Law Schools offer free legal clinics for low income folks. I live in Carlisle and the Dickinson Law School has such a clinic. Also most attorneys will consult for a little as $200.00/hr. Sounds like s lot but when you figure saving $40/month it would only take 5 months to come up with it, it’s not that bad.
If you are concerned about how 1952 would apply to you the text of 1952 is available for free on the Pa House website.
As far as compensation for being on Megans Law, that is a no go. No Court is going to give someone convicted of a crime a check simply becuase the State misinterpreted the constitution. I hear you, you were innocent, they are simply not going to care. With respect, it’s time to be a big boy a suck it up. Whether your fault or not, these are the cards you were dealt. You can play them to the best of your ability, or fold.( give up life) those are your options. Life is not always fair. It’s sucks like hell, I know, virtually if not all of us, are on the registry I personally was affected by Sorna. I went from 10 years to 15.

Also you can inquire with your local ACLU chapter if you feel as though you need the assistance of a civil attorney.
Keep a stiff upper lip my friend. It will work out. Life may not end up exactly the way you wanted to but it will work out.
Due to losing my career becuase on the registry, it gave me the courage to chase what I always wanted, my CPA license.
It will work out if you let it.