Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


I believe the Marority of us were sentenced under Megans Law #3. Megan’s Law #3 was found to be unconstitutional in Commonwealth v. Neiman. This is important because it stops the whole expired/ unexpired conversation in its tracks. It doesn’t matter becuase it was ruled unconstitutional.
The more I read 1952 and the Muniz Decision I do see where every point that the Pa Supreme Court ruled as punitive, 1952 took out. HOWEVER, if they can just change it as they go, that means they could keep us in forever just by changing it every 5 years or so. That wouldn’t be fair to anyone us or the state.
On a personal note, this past Wednesday I celebrated 90 months on the registry. According to SORNA, I have 90 left. According to Muniz I have 30 months left. According to Neiman and Muniz combined, I have 0 months left. Right more days and we may have some more clarity.