Reply To: The sex offender registry: an invitation for vigilantism


“ it was simple groping between friends over 25 years ago. And there has been no run-ins with the law since.”

Kendal, so you mean it was pretty much the same type of thing that most likely was done by the very people who shunned you and shamed you? Don’t you just love hypocrites?
You should make a new FB page with a new email address and a made up name. Then try to refriend all those goodie-two-shoes and when you’ve got all or most of them back on your friends list, that’s when you make a post about how they are all good for nothings who have probably done things in their life times that COULD BE CONSIDERED “sexual offenses”.
Then, because I’m sure many if not all, are religious, as them why they bother with a “god” if they’re going to be so heartless and judgmental anyway?

I’m the kind of person who would stick it to them like that. We all should start being this way.
Word got around in my job that I’m on the registry because people like to assume that everyone has a FB page (well, I actually do but under a made up “artistic” name), and since a few of my coworkers couldn’t find me, they googled my name.
When someone says to me “You’re a sex offender” I say back to them “And you’re a judgemental moron. So would you like a cookie or would you prefer to get back to work and mind your own business?”

When you don’t give them the reaction they’re expecting and you just let their knowledge of your record roll off your shoulders, it tends to shut them down and they eventually leave you alone because they see they’re not “getting” to you.