Reply To: The sex offender registry: an invitation for vigilantism


Joe L
The screwed up thing is there are a couple guys that’s live near me who are women beaters, I’ve seen them arrested any time but hey that type of sht must be ok, never got charged because the woman dropped the charges, but get if you go and date a girl who lies about her age them you get charged by the da even though she lied and everything was consensual.
As for self defense you know you can’t just go beet the sht out of someone just because they spray painted your house, you can chase them away, once they put hands on you then all bets are off my man, I would make an example out of that one for sure, I have been getting bullied by someone at work so i got really fed up with this guy, I told him to leave me the f alone and said do you have a problem with me and some other choice words, I’m not a violent person but people want to push push push and think I’m not going to stand up for myself because I’m an SO, I got news for people, your wrong my friend very wrong and I think a lot more people are tired of it and won’t be taking people sht no more to. I will defend myself but I won’t strike until I am hit first.