Reply To: The sex offender registry: an invitation for vigilantism

Joe L

You know we get a lot of grief from people mainly because they believe that sex offenders are generally passive individuals. If we were to defend ourselves from people that try to harm us they would quickly want to remove those registries. I have been on the registry for fourteen years for a statutory case I caught sixteen years ago. I stay armed to the teeth in my home. I don’t own any guns but I have bats, knives, swords, and I hit an MMA bag daily. I am just waiting for the day one of my harassers gets bold enough to come onto my property and try something. I will make front page news of that person. Then when I have to talk to the courts I will gladly tell them why all that had to happen. This is because when the news reports about a sex offender getting injured, harassed, or killed the public doesn’t care. They just think “oh well, just another one of them we don’t have to worry about”. If someone gets killed by a sex offender who’s defending themselves then they will really worry. That will probably be the type of thing that will rush them to remove these bully lists. That’s what they are. It’s just lists of people that it is ok for people to bully. America has a huge problem with bullying. I saw one registry that warned people not to “harass or stalk potentially dangerous people” on their website. It didn’t say don’t do it to anyone, just the ones that may cause harm. That’s why people on these registries need to be more assertive. We need more home defense and home security cams to catch our assailants and put the spotlight on what they are actually doing. When we fight back against the public they will have no choice but to change up how that registry is maintained if not remove it completely.