Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@Terry Brunson
Good to hear from you, that’s good news, my question is , Is with you filing mandamus relief on 1952 getting a head start on this bill before it’s applied or makes it onto the governors desk going to shut the bill down before it gets anywhere? If I could read law like you and figure it all out I would have filed mandamus months ago, I know lawyers won’t talk to an SO without offering up some cash so when I contacted the two lawyers I contacted a few months ago and they didn’t respond, The one lawyer said the first time I contacted them, (GIVE ME AND CALL AND WE WILL GET YOU SOME RELIEF), I felt a little untrusting when I heard how simple he put it, I didn’t know that there was a stay in effect and didn’t know how long Muniz had been in this fight, also I didn’t know how close we were to victory, basically this guy was trying to take my money knowing where PA stood on the Muniz case. My advice to people speaking lawyers, just be careful because they will take advantage of us mostly because they know SO’s are desperate for relief, If NARSOL recommended a lawyer I think they wouldn’t be as apt to do so though.
Terry thanks for keeping us updated..