Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Thank you Fred Keymaster, Terry and Brian for the comments and updates.
@paul, I think you need to go speak to an Attorney for your answeres and go where Fred Keymaster directed you too. If your seeking money this blog here is not the place to go seek money. This is a place where we are to be informed of the registery and whats going on with things to get off the registry and whats going to happen and updates on these types of subject. This is not a place to go seek out money and it sounds like thats all you care about. Its a shame really. If you claimed to be in the innocent then you should of fought it in court while you were there in the first place and provide enough proof with no doubt to court. If you did that then why did they put you on the registery? Im sorry but, your comment is in the wrong place here. Yes, being on the registery is not fun. Good luck and hope you find your money.