Reply To: The sex offender registry: an invitation for vigilantism


Yeah, my life was thrown out on the internet. I have many web pages dedicated to telling the world how awful I am, and even putting up my credit history because, well being a sex offender wasn’t bad enough. I even got banned from facebook because people who were supposed to be at least cordial with me, raped my name and reputation. I was the organizer of a local convention that went down the drain after ten years because people decided that I shouldn’t be running it, because I was a sex offender. And now I only have a couple of friends, where I used to have a lot of people that liked me and talked to me all the time. And all because this was on record, and out there for the world to see. And the really sad part, it was simple groping between friends over 25 years ago. And there has been no run-ins with the law since.