Reply To: Sex offender registries increase sexual assault


I have been on the registry since 2001. I have been off probation since 2003. I received and paid for 2 years of group therapy before I was allowed off probation. My counselors wanted me to participate as a volunteer in group, which I would have gladly done. However the agency in charge determined that I was not fit since I am a RSO.
I have been threatened, my home was vandalized, my father’s vehicle was damaged and tires slashed.
I have been denied employment, travel privileges and other basic human needs and civil rights.
I have not had so much as a traffic ticket in the years since my offence in 2000.
I had no criminal history AT ALL before my offence.
Yes, my offence involved a minor.
I have struggled to put my life together and become a contributing member of society but have met with resistance at every turn.
It has caused depression and anxiety got me and my family. I live in fear of retribution. My closest friends know my history but every time I meet someone I am afraid of the reaction when the look me up on the net.
Now I have to have a Scarlet Letter on my passport and will be denied travel based solely on the stamp on my passport and a crime I committed 18 years ago.
Had I committed murder(s) and don’t my prison time, I would be allowed to come and go freely.
I was supposed to be let off the SOR but the Governor of NY used the registry as a political tool when his approval rating was abysmal, and now I am a lifetime member rather than the 10 years I was supposed to serve.