Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling


I am not sure who you are thanking, but I will say “I believe” because I am not an attorney, and everyone should understand that my opinions are my own.

Tim who is working with ACLU has asked that people not start their own lawsuits. Doing that will likely just slow things down, because then the government will want to wait and see what happens in your case.

Does v Snyder IS addressing your situation. Anyone convicted before 2006 and 2011 amendments will likely see some relief when they get this sorted out.

I get nervous when people talk about filing their own suits. These kind of changes don’t happen over night. Please people, calm down and be patient. Let ACLU do their job. If you want to help them, fill out their form. Dr. you sound like the person they want to work with.  You should fill out the form.  I am sure the deadline will be waived if you fit the criteria

If you still want to file your own lawsuit, please at least contact Tim or the ACLU attorney, so they can better explain why it’s a bad idea to file a new lawsuit on the same grounds that have already been ruled on. You could risk having the original ruling reversed, or even just a district court judge could rule differently than Robert Cleland ruled in 2015. If that happen, Michigan state legislators could drop all further discussions with ACLU until further notice.