Reply To: The sex offender registry: an invitation for vigilantism

Peter Henson

It really gets under my skin when I hear of a registered citizen getting harassed just because they are a sex offender. Luckily I haven’t been bothered by any one yet and I have been on the registry for 14 + years. I think in North Carolina where I live it is a felony to harass a sex offender but I might be wrong. That steltz guy shouldn’t be worried about those 4 sex offenders living next door to him,at least he knows they are there. And the fact that they know that he knows that they are there is probably why he hasn’t any trouble with them. The guy could sell his house and move but then he might move next door to someone who’s not on the registry and they could start messing with his kids. If I were him I would rather have a sex offender I knew about living next to me as opposed to one I didn’t know about. People are so worried about sex offenders moving in next door to them that they don’t realize that someone whose not on the registry could just as easily move in next door and start screwing with their kids. I really hope that something will change this year and it will get better for us. When will this madness end!