Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Now I noticed after coming to this site on the recommendation of another peer that there is no mention anywhere of monetary compensation thru legal means. Some people have posted comments, but no official or legal information from Narsol or Lawyers (with permission) currently practicing. I would have thought that people in lower tiers and pre-sorna would have been flooded by attorneys trying to have their cases heard on civil trials (of course, for monetary gain to said lawyers and not for moral,ethical,humane reasons) for violations of quite a number of laws, human rights and financial loss and devastation. Or posted phone or addresses of contact to initiate such litigation either individually or as a group (class action).

Also, are this “officials” (politician, judges, law enforcement) going to ever be convicted and removed from their jobs or put on a registry for outright violations to their oath of office to follow the constitution and laws yada yada? And please, dont give me the “they have immunity” sermon. Either we all are equal or we are not. Last time I checked we the peasants have no immunity for anything. Lately, not even constitutional rights observed! I want to sue someone financially for all the harm that has been caused to me and mine financially,physically,mentally!