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Priscilla Presley talks striking up romance with Elvis aged 14: ‘It’s a different world’

The King Still Lives! And he was a womanizer, immoral to the vows of marriage, drug user and loved what under today’s standards are “little kiddies”. but hey, it was/is OK. Rich guy, good looking and culturally above others. Just like the Adam Walsh guy which I read an article about him here (thank you to whomever posted it) and researched. But hey, he was just an entertainer nothing more. (as if he was never sexually involved with teens or even younger) but hey, it is just speculation. Oh wait, on speculation alone people are accused, convicted and if not such, then ruined just for the “speculating” now-a-days! Not him though and people like him…special. because we are not all special just the few. The ruling class.