Reply To: On the registry? Your passport is now invalid


Not sure if it’s never worth posting questions on these articles because it seems like no one ever answers them, but I am going to try anyways;

It says the stamp will be on the inside of the back cover, does that mean on the back page the last page of the passport? Or where all the vital information is when it is scanned at the airport, etc.? This is an important detail, if it’s on the very last page, that is not as critical, but if it’s on the second page, that will be devastating.

It says not everyone on the registry will be included, but there is no where to find the list of what they considered as a “covered“ child sex offender. There are hundreds of definitions, and when an article like this is posted it would be nice to have a little more details, instead of creating 1 million more questions.

Someone mentioned that a suit was filed, but it was actually in DC, not California, and it will be a significantly difficult an uphill battle, so another words don’t hold your breath, as most of these have a good intention, but the reality is, there is very little hope, And seems like no one is optimistic, or willing to give us any hope