Reply To: The sex offender registry: an invitation for vigilantism

Richard OToole MS

When we were children most of us were told “Sticks and stones can break your bones but names will never hurt you”. Well that was before the vindictive registries and social media in the hands of “sick” people. I found mental relief by doing what I am capable of in resisting those who hate so much that they take pleasure in harming others. I was delighted to find and join NARSOL. I contribute when I can to the legal fund and encourage my friends to do the same as part of their social justice outreach. Although we can no longer vote, I actually do “by proxy”. There are close to a million of us on the registry who feel we cant engage vicious politicians who do as much as they can to heap misery on registrants. Find a relative or friend who thinks as you do and who usually skips voting. Encourage and remind them that they {we} can make a difference in numbers at the polls. On election day remind them and perhaps have lunch together and drive them to the polls; yes take grandma who knows you are a good person ! There are millions of convicted felons in this country who have lost the right to vote and who could swing national elections by using { “the proxy way}.