Reply To: The sex offender registry: an invitation for vigilantism

Terry H.

Someone needs to explain to the one who threatened your son what the definition of pedophile is. This is the problem…all who are on the list are not pedophiles. The people who do and say these things have nothing better to do than to hurt others because they can not get rid their own hurt and insecurities. Tell your son to LIVE his life and don’t worry about the idiots out there. I have been on the list for over three years and have a wonderful life, I am proof you can live while being on the list. You just have to create a NEW NORMAL and understand the boundaries like any other law we must follow in society. If all we do is worry and complain about the list and the ignorant people in this world then all we will do is complain about the list and the ignorant people in this world. Why waist your time on people who don’t care for you or their actions. Be vigilant, aware of your surroundings, this holds true for everyone on the list and off and just live, create, love and find joy and peace in all things. If we don’t do this then what do we have. Peace be with you and your family.