Reply To: Shelter discrimination blurs separation of church, state


Well said, Aleta!

Most of the public does not know that police VOLUNTEER for these types of positions, they are NOT forced to do the kind of work that entraps (I don’t care what five conservative justices on the Supreme Court say … it IS ENTRAPMENT as per the four dissenters, who know how to read Constitutional Law from a legal aspect and not a liberal or conservative viewpoint) people. I find it appalling that when asked, they act self-righteous about why they do that kind of work.

All the public has to do is look at the psychological prototype of the person who is typically drawn to police work. I’m NOT saying all police officers are Dirty Harry’s. Fortunately, many state and municipal governments have strengthened the requirements to weed out the ones who want to carry a gun and a badge and kick scum bag ass. Nonetheless, many slip through the cracks. What’s worse is that police promotions are earned by writing the most tickets and getting the most convictions no matter what tactics were used and regardless if justice was truly served. The same goes for district attorneys who use conviction records as a justification for higher office. The public and worse yet, the media never questions how the convictions were gained.

Lastly, I’d like to connect a meter to the police officers who volunteer to look through child pornography to see what they really feel about it!