Reply To: The sex offender registry: an invitation for vigilantism


Vigilantes are a BIG problem for registered citizens. I got pretty shook up when I came home to find a piece of paper taped to my door that instructed me I had 30 days to notify my neighbors that I was a sex offender. It had a 9th District Court logo/seal on it and was signed by a sheriff. I took it to my probation officer. Phony as three dollar bill. We are in the 10th District and we don’t have sheriffs, we have police officers. But someone was bold enough to come to my front door obviously motivated by my recent inclusion onto the registry.
I immediately went out and got a security camera set up and put a camera on the front porch in plain site (you want it in plain site as a deterrent – no point in having video evidence of who killed or maimed you). I am thinking that is not enough. What if they don’t see the camera? Home Depot has a selection of signs you can put up that should make anyone think twice –

Again, the point is prevention.