Reply To: The sex offender registry: an invitation for vigilantism

obvious answers

To start I would like to tip my hat to the article author:
Mr.Yoder always does fantastic work. The one voice of logic and reason in an other wise dismal jungle. I remember a piece he did on my family a few years ago. Followed the facts was fair and unbiased and really impressed me with the compassion he demonstrated. A damn good journalist and maybe one of the few left.

As a note on the article:
It is sad to see that the human race has not evolved far from the torch and pitch forks. Still nothing but mindless beasts rutting in the fields with nothing but instinct and blind emotion to guide them. Science wonders why they cant find the missing link between man and ape? Maybe we are looking at evolution in the wrong direction..Who says man is a step up from the monkey? As large of brain as God gifted us with and so few people able to utilize any of it. I have seen better miracles from Jane Goodall’s chimpanzees then I have most group think humans..