Reply To: IL SOR Task Force recommends changes in state policies


Tim if the Gospel says all lie than all lie but I know where your coming from on that. My PO dropped by today and although we have a good relation he knows his position and I know mine and I will throw the good book at him any time. I even told him during this visit its coming down the pike that I might have to ask for a regress of grievance as I have five more yrs. from my 10 yr.
Why they took me out of this second sex offender class I’m sure is some type of underlying factor. Why they took me back to court when I said I was on face book to sign up to do phone campaigning for Donald trump I don’t know. Now if I was actually on face book talking to women or something I could understand. Believe I’m sure a lot were surprised when Donald Trump got elected President but some of us still have to wait and deal with all this in different states.