Reply To: Juvenile registration: ineffective and destructive


You know its a shame that people want to get juvenile’s on the registry. Sure there is a lot of good articles plus a lot of good comments on here that the team of NARSOL bring to one’s attention and I know myself I would hate to be on the registry as a juvenile as would be anybody at that age but one has to say where is our morals and country going today even government today.

Andrew Jackson, to Lincoln to others have always strived for principals but now with this testing it sort of makes those in high places look out of place just like the sex offender if you really want to call it that. Defending truth is not setting one up for a fall so maybe I should be corrected on a lot of this issue to help others.

Remember we were all kids once and teenagers but when someone gives people that are born carnal an opportunity to fall should we all go around and say the sky is falling or use some understanding.