Reply To: When will “Me too” become “Everybody too”?


You know you and maestro are 100% right I must be picking up some things from the Golden Globe awards from Oprah’s speech as a matter of fact I would rather be wrong and take my punishment just the same as everybody else and let women be right. I guess women were created first right. What it really comes down to is basic as Paul stated and I’m sure you can recite that verse.
Sure we all have problems dealing with this sex offender issue. We are all wrapped up in it in different circumstances. I see no harm in adding a bit of Christian principals as Jesus taught or should we all go back to the old law or as God told Hosea… go marry a woman of whoredom so please learn of Him. Sure I even have to brush myself up sometimes. its called refreshing. And remember God loves all just the same. So we should all stay on topic. And believe it not all this that we are all wrapped up in is about principal. So do we all judge a book by its cover?