Reply To: Juvenile registration: ineffective and destructive

Tim Lawver

I am not sure why any individual would believe a Federal Government would care about an individual’s needs. Far from it, and our founders knew it. That is the number one reason to limit the power of national authority. When the founder’s fled England the did so because the King had a habit of making rules that only benefitted his authority with little thought about the impact upon the commoner. They hoped that a doctrine of SEPERATED POWERS, would limit the new national governments power to squash individual rights.

The founders made a point of enumeration. To put to paper for ratification drawing just two levels, Federal and State. The day to day lives of individuals was left to the states to rule. We have let the FED way to far into the lives of our children. Indenture of children, like abortion kills their liberty, life chances, opportunities to grow through experience. Being listed online as his state does erases his\her privacy on a certain level. Can we say for sure that the information contained in the data base is secure? NO!. The FED is certainly using Byrne Grants as financial leverage against our children’s interest. Having made adults indentured servants is one thing, dooming a child unconscionable!

Like the court said in Brown V Board, ” the distinction intolerable “.