Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Brian the 3rd Circuit has nothing to do with this Muniz case it is not federal
It is a state issue
The PASC is a state court the 3rd circuit is a federal court. They heart federal appeals. Freed used the Cert Writ to jump the 3rd circuit court to get a review of the Muniz record by the SCOTUS. . . Less than 1 % of Cert’s are accepted. Freed will not make it on his issues because other state AG’s tried and were denied. when ever his conference is – it will pan out to how it pans out.
I an gambling on what happen to other states on this same issue as Muniz. . . . .

In the courts we have lower and higher. Lower heard cases – higher do the appeals. . . . . . . .