Reply To: Pennsylvania Legislature attempts to “fix” unconstitutional law


The lower court followed the pasc, ruling and Shawn Williams was released, but as of last night when I checked he is still showing non compliant on the website. ? Hypothetically let’s say the p.s.p has Jon Doe in custody, he is sent before a judge and ye Honor says let him him go!. No strings attached I do believe that they have to grant the person his freedom, so how can they think that they can just do what they want is beyond me. It’s absurd, is the p.s.p agency whatever title it holds. A court of law now, writ of mandamus my expletive. Writ of lawsuit is more like it, for unlawfully disregarding a legit court order. And continuing to smear my name and reputation, for something that I’ve already paid for, put it this way. If I go into magistrate court via cuffs, and the judge says time served due to this new ruling he’s free to go. no police agency has the right to say, nope sorry don’t care what the judge says we’re holding you anyways. B.s unless they have new charges against you, they should be held in contempt of court.