Reply To: Juvenile registration: ineffective and destructive


Sandy boy you did it again, you have another good article. I’m sort of getting impressed more and more with NARSOL and sure everybody has there opinions about this and that just like they have their opinions about marijuana laws that were back in the 60 and still today. Now marijuana is on the stock market, sort of funny isn’t it.

This sex registration is going a bit too far when they want to put juvenile’s on the registry Its bad enough for the adults to handle some of this fictitious or man made law endeavor. Someone touching a breast walking down the hall of a junior high school or pinching someone on the * tush* or maybe brushing up against her or something of that nature, it can get all out of hand. Today its about money in a lot of this and they “law enforcement” want to brand anyone for something that appears out of the common norm of human nature.
I am sure most of us on here were a bit rowdy during there high school years but placing juveniles on the sex registry and all that’s involved in it is going a bit too far. They are just kids.

The stigma that channels one growing up into adulthood and old age is a hindrance and stigmatizes one over something that may appear to be something such as bullying or not playing fair.
Sure those that protect and serve are suppose to protect and serve but many times they don’t think. Why do you think they are called crackers in certain circles. If one gives them a dose of the “word” they will fold like an Iron butterfly.
Sure we all have our faults, I had my faults as a teenager. Even in elementary school, and actually boys didn’t like girls as girls were to “Susie home maker” as some might say. The psychology is traumatic for those that are involved in this fancy pant’s scheme. Kids sow their wild oats but to put them on a registry, they just might as well send them off to war as they did for those during the war to fight. Its getting so bad that maybe the whole USA needs to be on a registry or the USA should go back to biblical principals of the new testament or is it getting like Sodom and Gomorrah in a lot of this ordeal both adult and juvenile.