Reply To: Shelter discrimination blurs separation of church, state


After re-reading a lot of these comments I sort of focused on Sue’s comment, yes maestro has his point as we all do also. We can all discriminate in a lot of ways. Is’t setting one up a type of discrimination or a type of pressure harrassment. Sure we can come up with one’s own thoughts but I still go by the word “if a man thinkest”. Sure one can either be a defender or an offender.
I took a plea deal in my ordeal as I was perpreparing to understand this sex offender ordeal more clearly. Why do you think I ask for one condition, no sex. Before one gets involved in anything one has to understand it more clearly to help others. I’m wallking right thu this cold ordeal just like everybody else, the circumstances may be different but still abusei in a manulipative way. While some can be homeless at times and need places to go for shelter one also has to understand about this type of ordeal. Seems now people are bringing harrassment to anyone that looks at a person in the wrong way. Today they want to steriotype it as abusive or sexual but common logic will be understanding. If you search you will find the law is not on your side but the truth is.