Reply To: Shelter discrimination blurs separation of church, state


One person said on here Sandy brought up a good article and I have to agree. While a lot of things are getting colder shelter is a basic need. I wonder if one would get kicked out of jail if they had no where to get out of the cold after already given there probation of paroled? Remember the police are suppose to protect and serve. Well one can dwell a bit to much on the negative side of things. Truth and justice should prevale in any situation.
One side can fight for justice and the other side can fight for truth but in the end of this sex offender plight who win’s. Should we all be playing battle of the sexes as they did in the mid 70’s into the 80’s. Now there is nothing wrong with voicing one’s opinion on topics but cold wheather effects everybody. Some want to toss the bible away as it means nothing in a court of law. Actually its all about the heart and one’s self. A lot of this sex offender stuff is someone getting over on another by inducing a sex inticement or it can go to extremes such as blackmail or spousal abuse. even harder core cases if that’s the case. Should a sex offender be any different from any other or is that article i submitted to Brenda Jones of no value. Actually all this cold weather issue can get one down, but for any church or mission to refuse someone is a bit much.