Reply To: First lawsuit challenging Int’l Megan’s Law filed in CA federal court


All, I knew nothing of this until two days before I was suppose to board a Carnival Cruise ship on 12/24/2017. I log into print my luggage tags and find out my name was removed from the booking. I call and find out they did a background check on my entire family. I was flagged for being a Sex Offender and automatically booted off the booking..I was like WTF can you call send an email anything??? This was my second cruise with them. I get transferred to their security division and was basically humiliated by them. They went on to tell me HOMELAND also flagged my passport as being a RSO. She said new laws are in place called International Megan’s Law. I am like my crime was back 1998? Now you are banning me from traveling around the world by putting a huge stamp on my passport? I had to Google all of this to find out the hard way. I lost money on a cruise and lost my right to travel. GO FIGURE…I did my time way back then and now I am a prisoner of my own country. Soon I will have to wear a BIG S on my jacket…sound familiar? Just like the Jews had the star….very sad…so I find out Royal Caribbean also does background checks.