Reply To: Pennsylvania Legislature attempts to “fix” unconstitutional law


They can apply anything or law retroactive if it shown to be non punitive Because PASC hasn’t defined that will be an issue.Pa legislature is banking on the fact that the new bill is written like the old ML rules that were shown to be not punitive in the past however that doesn’t mean that the courts can’t change their position on this and rule even those rules or laws were and are punishment. So what will happen is the bill will be signed PSP will drag their feet removing people and there will be new challenges to new bill. One thing that is not shown is how PSP will act if Muniz case is denied cert and new bill becomes law Will they keep people due relief on the reg and apply the new law to them until they have time to verify their case up to 18mo later? The new law says a 90 day notice has to be given Will they do this for people due relief before they verify? I say they should have to verify before they send notice but will most likely happen is they will just send people notice to update.