Reply To: Shelter discrimination blurs separation of church, state

Sue Wearethepeople

With all this cold weather this really concerned me. I wondered if there was a place for sex offenders to go to get out of the cold. With all the laws out there that make it hard for them, men ,women and children, to have shelter. I live in Pennsylvania and I hear that churches have opened there doors to the homeless. The only group of people who the door stay closed for in so many things are the SO. Not fair, so what can we do about it? Most of the people who are not affected by these’s law do not no that there are laws like this .I am telling people about the unfair laws. The laws that would make it hard for my grandson if I was not there for him. There was a new law passed in PA, called the libre’s law no dog is allowed to be outside for more then 30 minutes without food and shelter,when the temperature goes below 32 degrees. This law is now called Animal Cruelty with a fine, and a possible Felony. So what should we call this, this is why the SO laws are just so unjust! I will pray that someday people will see that we all are people first, and everyone can make mistakes. No one is perfect!