Reply To: Shelter discrimination blurs separation of church, state

Robert Saunders

I came out of Prison and went right to work for a ministry (men’s recovery center) in Middle Tennessee. I got to know the pastor while I was incarcerated and he knew everything about my charge and why I was on the registry. The Probation Officer I was assigned to report to under Community Supervision for Life (CSL) tried for a year to discredit the job of Associate Director but relented when there was no violation of the additional rules placed on those on CSL.
Now to my point; After leaving the ministry, because they could no longer afford to stay in business, I found many rejections by the other community churches on the grounds of CSL. I am almost convinced that Registerd citizens are forced to start their own churches and hide in the shadows. I feel like those who desperately sought relief from slavery and resorted to the “Underground Railroad” for the escape and to reach freedom from the violation of their human rights. However, I will not hide but fight for the rights of us on the registry at every turn!

Robert Saunders
Tennessee 4 Change INC.