Reply To: Shelter discrimination blurs separation of church, state


Derek Logue of

I’d like to add to this story. I had contacted Christ N Us ministries in Mobile, AL and they were extremely defensive and argumentative and tried to turn the argument back on me, asking what I’m doing to help homeless registrants. They then deleted a number of FB posts. NOW, their FB page states the shelter was shut down by the city and are seeking alternatives. Sounds like “The Lord provided them with a way out” from their temptation to tell us the truth about their lack of desire to help homeless registrants.

I also contacted the MATS program in TN to ask them this–

If you do not offer shelter to homeless registrants (who you call “sex offenders”), then where can they get help? Do you folks offer them anything at all?

Their response:

Sorry for my delay in getting back with you. I have been out of town for a few days.
We do offer shelter to homeless registrants if you mean those that sign up for our free self-sufficiency program or those who sign in to our warming station. I need clarity on what you mean by “homeless registrants?”

It is nice to know the response shows the didn’t pay enough attention, so my response was registrant = someone forced to register as a “sex offender.” That was Jan. 3rd. Still awaiting a response.