Reply To: Shelter discrimination blurs separation of church, state



You know now that I ponder on my comment I have to say this. One cannot induce Justice with evil for justice can one? Now even the bible says do not repay evil for evil. So what covenant are we all under still? Sure we all make mistakes but when mistakes are induced one has to speak up about it. I’m sure this was one of the reason’s NARSOL came into being.

Sure we can all read the bi-laws of NARSOL that use to be called NARMS and we can also strive for understanding but in reality we are human. Now NARSOL and its sister teams that fight for those on the registry I have to give thanks that there are some that stand up for this in the Christian way for mankind. That is what you call helping others in a lot of this confusion. I am not saying band the sword of justice but at times it goes a bit too far.
And I might say a man’s greed can go a bit too far also and I believe its been that way for quite a while. What do you all say.