Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



Thank you so much Keymaster Robin for the knowledge of the date of 22nd. It makes it more clear to understand whats going on with that. As for the cold winter at a homeless sex offender camps i been donating all of my extra blankets and clothing that dont fit me right and some extra food that i have. I also donated a oair of new boots that i ordered online and i got the wrong size. So i did not return them. I packed them up and donated it to the camp. I am fixing to get them a cheap generator that i have that needs repaired. I have the parts to it. I just need to find the time to get it fixed. Sometime in the next few days. I also have extra dishes and stuff too. I am thinking of giving them my tent that i use when i go camping. Its a huge tent. I am also giving them ideas that they can better their tents. I went to construction sites asked if i can dig in their trash and i pulled out extra wood flooring and some carpet. They can use the skills to make their tent flooring and carpeted. Also to help them strengthen tents up. They do share a storage tent. They use that for bikes and tools. Thats all i can do for them. Its not much but it does help fight the winter.