Reply To: Shelter discrimination blurs separation of church, state


I’m going to say something that many people would *try* to find offensive (because that’s what people seem to live for these days – finding offense in everything), while some people who think more realistically will agree with. Keep in mind (those of you who have read my comments on here over the years) that I was also homeless thanks to the wonderful Probation Dept that we NEED so badly in order to help us reintegrate back into society. Making a person homeless somehow helps this cause.
Luckily, I have immediate relatives that let me stay at their place during the day hours when the shelters KICK YOU OUT from 7am to 5pm when they start letting everyone back in again. So, I’m gonna say something here that should probably be said to the heads of these shelters….Here goes:

Has anyone every truly seen homeless people? I’ve lived in 2 inner cities in CT, one of which is home to a very popular college – Yale University. And all over the city, even roaming near the college campus are homeless people. Many of whom are male (very few females but yes, there are some).
Take a walk anywhere near Yale University and you’ll have homeless men wondering around, acting a fool, stepping up to you asking for change and cigarettes (even if you do not appear to be smoking) and the ever so popular “Excuse me, sir, my car broke down and I’m trying to get back home. Could you spare a few dollars to help me out?”
One guy used this as his scheme to get money. But he’d forget who he approached and ended up approaching me twice in one week with the same story. These are some really HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY people right? No need to lock up your businesses when you close at night with these honest folks around, eh?

These MEN are HOMELESS. Probably haven’t had a romantic involvement in YEARS! Many are (sorry to say) very raggedy, dirty, just looking a hot mess. With that being said, who is to say that one of these homeless men who truly have NO ONE and NOTHING won’t be tempted to sexually assault someone? Do these “Christian” shelters and churches THINK that people are born with their criminal record? There is a FIRST for EVERYTHING. And someone who is homeless and allowed to stay at a shelter that’s near a school or one that also houses families, only needs the RIGHT MOMENT to make his move.

This is why I am sickened by the idea that we like to only judge people who HAVE a sexual criminal record. Yet, we also hear it all the time: “Trust no one”.
During my 3 months in a homeless shelter, I observed how the other men around me acted and spoke among each other. There were shelter workers who were female (just like female C.O.’s in a jail/prison) and these men (much like the same men in prison who hate sex offenders) would talk to each other about how many ways to Saturday they’d like to “do” her.
And I thought to myself : “All they would need is the opportunity.”
And I’m sure it’s happened in the history of homelessness. But, so long as they DON’T currently have a sexual offense record, they are welcomed in. What happened to the old way of thinking when we’d say “If you can do ____ then who’s to say you won’t ALSO do _____?”
But I guess a drug addict or alcoholic, while under the influence, would NEVER commit a sexual offense, right?
Anyone who commits a sexual offense must surely have been born with some deficiency. Kinda like how most religious people say that gay or trans people are “messed up” in the head. I guess we’re all messed up in the head, too, because this thing called “temptation” (and I do not say that in a religious way) surely would never get the best of someone when they KNOW they shouldn’t be with that underage girl even though she LOOKS older and mature.
That same temptation that we know exists and therefore would make us move our wallets and purses to a more secure part of the house even though we invited people over that we otherwise trust.

So anyway, there’s something for these Christian shelters AND the state legislators to think about: A bunch of homeless men who have been without intimacy for years and years….. would they do the unthinkable? Nah. If they were to do that, it would have to have started a long time ago. That’s the way of thinking of law makers and law enforcement. Their minds are programmed to believe that there would be a ‘trail’ of such behavior. They don’t believe in the idea of ‘a first for everything’. I guess that means we all came out of our mother’s wombs with a steering wheel. We didn’t have a ‘first time’ driving a car.

Ok, well, that was my 2 cents on the matter. Because I prefer to think realistically. And realistically, no matter how “holy rolling” someone claims to be, there’s ALWAYS that NATURAL human fear and judgement of others, with OR without a belief in “god”. I always hear people asking “How can you have morals if you’re an atheist”, well, I have an answer: I’m more moral than these Christian shelters that would rather let someone freeze to death.