Reply To: Shelter discrimination blurs separation of church, state


It seems that people can reconcile the injury and death of an SO due to weather extremes, but most cannot come up with a good reason for it. They conveniently don’t answer the questions. When taken to task most people cannot come up with a “good excuse” for the cruelty that they take part in, yet they feel self-righteous enough to act cruel.

It may take the mass slaughter of SO’s due to being forced out in extreme weather before people may speak up. But even then, it makes me wonder if people will simply come up with excuses.

They strip us of a voice (since most cannot vote), then of the ability to protect ourselves (not allowed to possess a firearm or bullet proof clothing), then restrict where we can find shelter. Even with 800,000 of us, we are largely left helpless. We have no teeth, no ability to make a stand.

If not for a few brave souls acting on our behalf, we would be in a completely hopeless state.