Reply To: Shelter discrimination blurs separation of church, state



There is obviously such an issue regarding the separation between church and state, in m opinion. But first to the question. What would I do? If the priority is to help the poor and the needy, then I would have to find a way to allow the offender in my shelter. They are human, and they are in need. One must find a way to help those in need. I’ve said it many times… we are all more than the sum total of our mistakes.

But the bigger problem here is the separation issue. However, the church is at fault for allowing this to happen. The church has always been the one place where people in need could go, and in fact, should go. Society complains when the church becomes involved in government, crying foul for lack of separation. But when the government wants to dictate who can and cannot attend a church, we are back in England again. The state should have zero authority as to who worships, and where they worship.

There are huge human rights violations occurring in these United States, and we should make sure that international human rights groups are aware.