Reply To: Shelter discrimination blurs separation of church, state


I am a registered sex offender. Yet I am staying in 1 of the only shelters I know of that allows this.
It is an all male shelter, operated only by donations from Churches. Originally opened to be a prison ministry for men leaving the prison system behind. Starting over with Christ as one’s guiding source.
I praise MY GOD AND SAVIOUR for City Gate mission, and all the churches that support it.If one did not know of my past, one might wonder how I ended up here. I have been blessed with a job, vehicle, and a place to stay out of the elements. I do not drink or do any illicit drugs. I work and come back “HOME” to the mission and follow their simple rules.
Now the director of City Gate does not discriminate about one’s past life. He tries not to fill it full of sex offenders due to pu li. outcry and misconceptions.
if it were not for GOD placing me here I would be back up state in prison. For not being able to give a valid address to the State police. It is required in Pennsylvania, to do so prior to release.
The Pennsylvania department of parole and probation keep playing games with home plans. Maxing out sex offenders by denying home plans, sometimes weeks before release from prison.
But there are placing where men can go, who are former sex offenders. 1 is in Jefferson county, another in I believe Northampton county, and here. But BECAREFUL because of misconceptions and pre-judgements, the public fights having sex offenders live nearby. But would rather have drug dealers, and thieves, or persons having constant run ins with the police, live next to them in the neighborhood.
Just do not give up hope, pray things will get better.