Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling


@ Fred or Robin or any one else,

I don’t mean to keep sounding like a broken record, but could some one please clarify something for me that knows and understands what is going on thank you in advance.

Ok, as everyone knows by now, my conviction was back on 6-19-1992, I got out on my dad’s birthday 12-15-1994 , and off parole 11-22-1996. Now I am not sure when Magen’s law went in to effect exactly, except that it went into effect in 1994 not sure of the month, and yes I was still on parole, I was placed on the registry for 25 years on 11-22-1995 and as we all know that was changed to LIFE.

When the ACLU first started fighting this I believe it was in 2012, I was asked to fill out a questionnaire, but I did not qualify for what they were looking for, so when I got the e-mail the other day that I shared here with the questionnaire on it, I was not I haven’t filled it out yet, because I don’t know if I would qualify this time as well.

So to Fred or Robin. or who ever, is my situation the type of situation they are looking for this time around? I think today was/is the dead line to turn it in though, the other problem is if I was picked what is required of me, because I don’t have a car to travel to places or to court hearings at least not a car that is reliable anyway, just trying to find out if it would be worth filling out, because my case and situation is what they might be looking for, since mine is before everything went down.

So any advise or explanation on this would be greatly appreciated, from some one who understands what is going on with all this stuff concerning the Does v Snyder decision. Thank you again everyone.